General Information, SCBA U13 Rep Finals, 2021 (Caledonia Minor Baseball)

This Tournament is part of the 2021 season, which is not set as the current season.
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Tournament Rules:
Tournament Rules are Governed by OBA Tournament Rules

Tournament Format:
OBA 6 Team Double Elimination Format OBA_6_Team_Dbl_Elim_Bracket.pdf


Home Team:
Home teams will be the higher seeded of the two teams based on final league standings.
Final Standings:
1.  Simcoe
2.  Caledonia
3.  Port Dover
4.  Aylmer
5.  Ingersoll
6.  Tillsonburg

Game Duration: 
Please note these games do NOT have time limits, a full 7 innings will be played

Official Scoring carried out by: 
TBA (currently we are looking for volunteers to do this in place of either team)

Pitch Count carried out by: 
TBA (currently we are looking for volunteers to do this in place of either team)

Pitching Rules:
Please remember that all OBA Pitching/Arm Care Rules are in Effect

Find the Full OBA Arm Care rules here OBA Arm Care Rules


- In 12U and 13U, a third trip by the Manager/Coach to the same pitcher in the same inning shall result in the pitcher’s automatic removal from the pitching position.   

- Players are permitted to pitch in 2 separate games in the same day as long as they do not exceed the maximum number of pitches that requires no rest for their age category in the first game of the day. (ie: If a 13U pitcher throws fewer than 30 pitches in the first game, the player may pitch in a second game.) No player is permitted to pitch in more than 2 games per day regardless of the number of pitches thrown.

- No player may exceed the daily maximum for their age category in any two-day period. If a player pitches in two games in a day or on two consecutive days, their rest required shall be calculated using the combined total of the number of pitches thrown. Ex1: 13U player throws 30 pitches on Friday in a tournament (no rest required). That pitcher is permitted to pitch again on Saturday to a maximum of 55 pitches. Ex2: In the same scenario as Ex1, the total number of pitches thrown are added together to determine days rest. If the player threw 30 pitches on Friday and 55 pitches on Saturday, the pitcher must rest for 4 days and is next eligible to pitch on Thursday 

- No player may pitch on three consecutive days unless their total pitch count for the three days does not exceed the number of pitches where no rest is required for that age category.

- A pitcher may not pitch on 4 consecutive days regardless of pitch count.

- Once removed from the pitching position, a player may not catch for the remainder of the day